Mimaki TS300P-1800 Supplies

  • WIPER KIT 300 - 10 Pack

    WIPER KIT 300 - 10 Pack

    10 Pack of Mimaki Wipers For use with Dye Sublimation and UV Printers. TS300P-1800 Tx300P-1800 Tx300P-1800B UCJV150-160 UCJV300-75 UCJV300-107 UCJV300-130 UCJV300-160 UJF-3042MkII UJF-3042MkII EX UJF-6042MkII UJF-A3MkII

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  • Sb411 Ink (2L)

    Sb411 Ink (2L)

    High-density sublimation ink dramatically improves print quality on polyester  The ink is fixed on the polyester fabric by sublimation at high temperatures. The combination of ink and machine technologies achieves cost-effective and eco-conscious...

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