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Digital Textile

Mimaki Digital Textile Printers

  • Tiger Series

    Tiger Series

    Tiger Series: Direct-to-Textile/Dye Sublimation Paper Transfer Printers   The Mimaki Tiger Series industrial high-speed, direct-to-textile/transfer dye sublimation printing systems are designed for production runs. These 74.8-inch digital...

  • Mimaki TS55-1800

    Mimaki TS55-1800

    Mimaki TS55-1800 dye-sublimation transfer inkjet printer The TS55-1800 is a dye-sublimation transfer paper model, offering new levels of quality and productivity for digital textile printing. This printer keeps running costs low with the mini...

  • Mimaki TS500-1800

    Mimaki TS500-1800

    TS500-1800 Wide-Format Dye-Sublimation Inkjet Printer The TS500-1800 is a 74-inch wide high-speed dye sublimation printer that can print at speeds of up to 1615 SqFt/Hr onto cost-effective transfer paper for sublimation to a wide range of...

  • Mimaki TS500P-3200

    Mimaki TS500P-3200

    Mimaki TS500P-3200 super wide format dye sublimation inkjet printer The TS500P-3200 printer is a 129.9-inch (3.2 meter) wide, dedicated transfer model developed for production transfer runs to create extra-wide textile applications such as soft...

  • Mimaki TX300P-1800B

    Mimaki TX300P-1800B

    Belt Drive Direct-to-Fabric Textile Printer The Mimaki TX300P-1800B belt drive direct-to-fabric textile printer includes many features found in high-end direct-print models. It was designed specifically for direct-to-textile applications and is...

  • Mimaki TX300P-1800

    Mimaki TX300P-1800

    Mimaki TX300P wide format direct-to-textile printer The Mimaki TX300P-1800 direct-to-garment textile printer includes many features found in high-end direct-print models, but with a lower cost-of-ownership model that is suitable for users creating...

  • Mimaki TX500P-3200DS

    Mimaki TX500P-3200DS

    Complete Super-Wide Digital Fabric Printing System The Tx500P-3200DS printer significantly reduces production time through its simultaneous performance of two operations, direct-to-textile printing and color fixation, reducing two steps to one. At...